Help Improve the Health of Streams in Your Own Backyard

Do you have a lake, pond, stream or wetland on your property?  Would you like to help provide habitat for fish and wildlife? The King Conservation District (KCD) has a new program to help homeowners do just that.  By planting a band of vegetation, called a buffer, next to a water body, you can improve water quality, stabilize shorelines, and provide habitat for fish and wildlife. But not everyone may have the expertise or money to do this.   KCD is available to make enhancement of these areas possible by designing and installing buffer projects. KCD services include free project design and management, as well as sharing the cost of labor (removing invasive species and planting native species), and project materials (plants, mulch, plant protectors). KCD will also cover most of the cost of three years of maintenance and monitoring to ensure a high rate of plant survival.  For more details, see the KCD Urban Shorelines & Riparian Habitat Improvement Services web page.