Stormwater FAQ

The following information is covered in the King County Stormwater services “Science” page:

⦁     What stormwater is, where it comes from, and why it is important.

⦁     How stormwater (rainwater) becomes polluted, including details on specific pollutants and their sources.

⦁     How stormwater pollution is controlled.

⦁     What are Stormwater Facilities, and how do they work?

⦁     What businesses need to do to protect stormwater.

⦁     What homeowners can do to protect stormwater.

Stormwater Ponds

Redmond has published a very good Stormwater Pond site that has some great information on stormwater pond design and maintenance. Please see that page for more information.

The following is taken from that page, and describes what a stormwater pond could look like:

What should a pond look like?

Next to being properly designed to store and convey stormwater, landscaping is the most critical component in the proper functioning of the stormwater pond. Historically, many ponds were designed to have mowed grass edges as a form of “sales appeal” for the developer, rather than being landscaped for the long term benefit of the pond. Mowed grass to the water’s edge on all shorelines means the pond is not providing its full ecological value. Unmowed vegetative buffers are essential to long term health of ponds and waterways.

Stormwater Prisons

Unfortunately, many of the newer stormwater ponds in Sammamish are very unattractive stormwater “prisons,” constructed of cement blocks, chain-link fences, holding back flat black water, with little or no landscaping.

As always, cost to the developer can be the bottom line in stormwater design. Developers may not voluntarily opt for the more environmentally friendly, visually appealing, and functional design for stormwater ponds; they may need an incentive, in the form of credits.

Developers are always looking for mitigation.  This is an interesting opportunity.

The Sammamish Stormwater Stewards are seeking almost a change in policy that can increase visual appeal as well as function of stormwater ponds.  Community support and involvement is needed!


stormwater prison