The Sammamish Community Wildlife Habitat organization is leading a group of concerned citizens and community leaders to steward the stormwater system in Sammamish. The goals of this group are to:

  • Sponsor the “Adopt-a-Stormwater Pond” project to encourage planting of native species around stormwater facilities, where appropriate and allowable (see brochure)
  • Work towards a city-wide pollinator pathway
  • Educate citizens about stormwater and about the critical need to maintain stormwater systems
  • Encourage policy makers to prioritize proper development and maintenance of stormwater systems
  • Train and support a volunteer core to help maintain stormwater systems and facilities

This group includes members of the city of Sammamish, WA, that work to restore native habitat where possible around stormwater systems, and help ensure the stormwater system in the city is maintained at a high level of functioning.

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