Why We Do What We Do

The concept of backyard wildlife habitat dovetails with the City of Sammamish vision statement, excerpted below:

From the proposed comp plan, page 11:

The city of Sammamish has prioritized sustainability and health as an overriding goal for the Comprehensive Plan.

  • HS.1 Create and protect healthy habitat
  • HS.2 Maintain a diverse ecosystem supporting a variety of wildlife
  • HS.3 Maintain Sammamish’s forested character
  • HS.5 Conserve water and protect water quality
  • HS.8 Foster healthy neighborhoods and promote a citywide culture of environmental and human health.

From page 14:

The plan incorporates a systems approach to planning and decision-making that addresses protection of the natural environment. The plan commits to maintaining and restoring ecosystems, through steps to conserve key habitats, maintain and protect surface and groundwater resources . . .